About Me

A Little About Me

A Little About Me:

Mindfulness has become a very important aspect of my life, for a handful of reasons. I am not always 100% at it, but just like most things it is about progress not perfection. My journey towards mindful living started when I first found yoga, and developed quite the passion for it. I never really noticed that yoga is a mindful experience until I started to pay attention during my practices. Since that moment I have been dedicated to reading, listening, watching and being open to anything that can help me become more mindful. (In my upcoming posts I will highlight and discuss many of my findings that helped me.) I recently got back in to my practice of yoga – and hope to take my journey further by going through teacher training when the time is right.

Let’s back it up a little:

Yoga found me in 2011, I took my first class ever at Tula Yoga Studio (Chicago, IL). I stuck to it for a while but slowly lost my dedication due to the progression of my alcoholism. I again found yoga in 2013 when my friend Steven started taking me to CorePower Yoga (Bucktown, Chicago, IL). I was still drinking pretty heavily at the time (not aware I had a problem), but I was introduced to hot yoga – not to be confused with Bikram – and I set myself on a 30 day challenge, but quickly extended this to 90 days. In that time I was honored by being spotlighted by CorePower Yoga. I quickly lost the dedication for my practice and the commitment. I became busy with work, and my drinking habits increased. I attempted another shot back at yoga in 2014 when I started attend classes at my friend Piper’s studio Zen Yoga Garage (Chicago, IL). At the time I had hoped getting involved in yoga, as well as a commitment to the studio to assist with janitorial maintenance, would help me stop drinking so much. I knew it was getting excessive but I wasn’t aware yet I had a problem. I continued to practice, and show up to my shifts periodically – it wasn’t enough to solve my drink problem.

At the start of 2015 I addressed I had an issue with alcohol and found a twelve step program that worked for me. The rest of that journey is a bit private and a story in itself. If you believe you have a problem with alcohol and would like to speak with me, or hear my story – please contact me directly.

Why do I tell you this? Well, because finding out I was alcoholic, admitting this to myself and others, and accepting it as fact – has really enlightened my passion towards mindful living.

Living in sobriety has created such passion for life for me, has taught me not to take an experience or interaction for granted. I practice meditation (aiming towards daily, thanks to my friends over at Headspace), I am back in my yoga practice, and I lead my life with love and tolerance. I had the idea to start this blog to share, and connect with others who are leading a mindful life. To start a community of like minded individuals to connect and inspire one another.

-Ryan M.
(Founder of MindfullyUrban.com)



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