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Fear, Anxiety…and Worry.

I have been way over due on a post about procrastination. Naturally, I have procrastinated it long enough as it turns out, I don’t quite have the words ready to put down to make a quality blog post about. Today however I’d like to approach the subject of fear and lumped into that a bit on worry and anxiety.

It’s no doubt to many we live in a difficult time in society at the moment. With all that is happening in this transition of Power in our Government – I find it hard to remain calm at times. The headlines are frightening, social media is bombarded with opinions and articles that are unsettling. Which I am inclined to feed into, to become obsessed with all that is going on that it’s eating away at all the good inside of me. I have found myself glued to my phone and not present in my own life and all the good that is there (and also not mindfully working on my blog). I do find it incredibly important to stay educated, informed, and awake to all that is happening in the world. However, I cannot allow fear, worry, and anxiety to be welcomed in my life as I choose to do so.

Fear, is defined in the dictionary as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Fear is an emotion, defined as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Fear (being an emotion) and that emotion (a natural instinctive state of mind) is something I have the ability to take the wheel on a bit with proper mindfulness. Instead of allowing that gross little monster to drive me, I can take step back and make sure I am safe and grounded. That this feeling/emotion is real, it’s a thing, and I have control. I ask myself Am I am ok at this very moment, am I safe?  99% of the time I experience this I am safe. The fear may be unsettling, but nevertheless I am safe. When these instances occur, I must remind myself – this is temporary and it will pass. Lately, my prerogative has been to hit social media in outrage, or tweet at people, grossly share on Facebook. Which improperly gives me a feeling or reassurance ‘I sure told them.’

I encourage myself (and any reader finding relation to this) to minimize the time they spend staying informed. Being present for BREAKING NEWS is surely bound to cause me even more fear, anxiety or worry. This idea I present is difficult for even me to swallow, because its become my new norm. However, if I could apply that time I use on mindfully engaged actives I enjoy, I bet I would find myself more balanced, and at ease and less on edge. Turn off the notifications and live your life.

In the past 2 months, I’ve purchased about 5 books on mindfulness (I’ve yet to put a dent in any of them). I’ve gotten back into yoga which is something I have a passion for. I need to create space in my life for these activities so I can get a grasp on life, my time, my happiness, and myself. I cannot let outside sources control me any longer. I’ve experienced a loss of control once in my life, and I’d prefer not to go down that road again.

Focus on the good in life:

I recently proposed to the love of my life (he said Yes.), I have two amazing dogs, a loving family, I have wonderful job that I love going to, I have a group of friends that I care about immensely, and they care about me. I have so many things to be happy for! Yet I find my self being sucked into the media (social and news) and feel depressed, fearful, and worrisome. I don’t want to allow that to rule my life any longer. I have so many things to be happy for, to be grateful for. I need to focus more of my energy on that, and spreading the happiness and love around to others, especially those presently in my life.

My goal here is to encourage you (and myself) to limit the time we spend obsessing what we cannot control. Find the time to live life, to do what you can to make a positive difference in someones life who might be experiencing the same emotions. To live and love and enjoy life to its fullest. To remember to take action and get involved. To stand up and be present in this beautiful thing we call life.




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