Quote Of The Day

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”


I came across this quote on one of the inspirational Facebook pages I follow over the holiday – and the message resonated strongly with me. Each day I am given a choice to keep going, or to stay behind and dwell on my past decisions and actions. Having made plenty of mistakes and poor choices in the past, some that have affected not only me but also family, friends, and colleagues. I was enlightened this past year with the idea to not allow my choices and actions define who I am. In recovery, this is a really important for me to constantly remember. I can easily gather up the itty bitty shitty committee upstairs and get wrapped up in thoughts on past actions and decisions. This is me self shaming when taking this action will not solve the way I feel, nor make the emotions go away any faster.

Each day I wake up and have the choice to start fresh. To become just a little bit better version of myself than I was the day before, or a week before, or even a year before. The only thing needed to achieve this is to set a simple intention for the day. A few favorites are: compassion, love, kindness, tolerance. I am then able to share with others in the smallest most insignificant ways possible throughout the day through a simple smile, a hello, holding a door…just simple acts of kindness towards another human. To create a positive difference in a moment of their life.

I choose to move on with my life and not focus on what happened in my past. To not allow it to define who i am or who I will become. I don’t regret or want to forget anything in my past; I embrace my experiences to jumpstart toward growth. Start with an inner change, and slowly overtime it pours into all the areas of my life.

Small, simple acts of mindfulness is all it takes to be person I’ve always wanted to become.

-Ryan M